Let's be real, they're our best friends. Those dogs and cats that we love so

much, they're our friends, our companions, our pals and our confidants.

There's nothing in the world quite like that fresh puppy smell! Sometimes

though, Fido gets dirty, smelly, or downright stinky! Stinky breath, stinky coat,

stinky butt, then he/she needs a good bath or cleaning and grooming.

With our busy worlds and hectic pace, often it's, "Fido, you're getting a bath

come Saturday morning!" However, it's only Tuesday afternoon. Well, Poochpouri

is here to help! Let's freshen up Fido until bath day and when bath day comes,

let us help you make your best friend(s) look, and smell their best.

A clean, fresh pet is a healthy, happy pet! Also, pet owners, visit our site for

goodies for humans too at Becky's Botanicals

Molly Wolly is definitely a happy girl and loves her some Poochpouri!

Daisy Dink knows that grapefruit is good for you

and makes a great helmet when you go out to face

the world!!!

Lynn recently ordered some Poochpouri in Original

and Fruity Fido scents. She wrote that the dogs

enjoyed a playday in the back yard and then a warm

bath, followed by some Poochpouri! Yay, Regan and


Over the next couple weeks, Poochpouri will be working

on a new product line just in time for bug season! Our

Pooch Powder will be a couple different blends of all

natural ingredients with some powdered, naturally bug

repellent herbs, ground by us, mixed with all natural

food grade diatomaceous earth which kills bugs as they

come in contact with it but is harmless to pets, humans

and the environment. So after a bath, a treatment of

Poochpouri spray, then a light dusting and rub in, of

Pooch Powder your pet will be ready to take on the

world out there!