Here you'll find our quality products. We plan on having lotions, sprays, soaps, shampoos and

oral care which will be all natural, made from organic and as locally sourced ingredients as

possible, all at fair and reasonable prices with no shipping charges. Right now, we're test

marketing products and then you'll see them for sale here by clicking the links below. Add what

you need to your cart, then place your order! shipping and thanks for shopping!!!

Poochpouri Original Scent spray 2oz bottle

Poochpouri Floral Scent spray 2oz bottle

Poochpouri Fruity Fido Scent spray 2oz bottle

Poochpouri PomSparkleNana spray 2oz bottle

Poochpouri PomBlackberryBoogie spray 2oz bottle

Poochpouri Original Scent spray 4oz bottle

Poochpouri Floral Scent spray 4oz bottle

Poochpouri Fruity Fido spray 4oz bottle

Poochpouri PomSparkleNana spray 4oz bottle

Poochpouri PomBlackberryBoogie spray 4oz bottle

Poochpouri MulberryMangoMadness spray 2oz bottle

Poochpouri MulberryMangoMadness spray 4oz bottle

Poochpouri ItchDogGone spray 2oz bottle

Poochpouri ItchDogGone spray 4oz bottle

Poochpouri FleeFlea!!! Bug Repel Spray 2oz bottle

Poochpouri FleeFlea!!! Bug Repel Spray 4oz bottle

These are the first in a series of Poochpouri scents and other sprays which are very pleasant

and can be used directly on your pet and rubbed, petted, or brushed in, sprayed on blankets,

bedding, furniture and throughout the home. It's 100% natural with no harmful ingredients,

aerosols, or chemicals. It's also an all natural and pleasant insect repellent and deterrent

which you can even spray directly on yourself!

Available now!!! Flee Flea!!! insect repellent spray for your pets and you too! We are currently

done with tests of this all natural, exciting new spray and are now in production. FleeFlea is

safe on you, your loved ones and your pets! It's the same recipe we use in our human products

over at Becky's Botanicals on the insect repellent page!

Also, now available, Itch Dog Gone anti itch spray is an all natural blend of 6 different

essential oils that all have soothing anti itch and anti inflammatory properties! Carrier

oils are Coconut and Sweet Almond. This spray has a refreshing scent and medicinal

qualities to sooth and relieve itchy, irritated skin on your pooch, purr partner...

even yourself!!! Try some today!