We like to share pet tips! Do you have tips you'd like to share? Here's one of the best ever...

If you can't take in a pet and love them like the unique member of your family that they are,

perhaps you should invest in a stuffed animal!

If you plan to travel with your dog(s), get them used to it at an early age, then they'll love it!

Above is Mickey, driving to Colorado a few years ago. Mickey, being a boy and a long hair,

is very prone to being a dirty, stinky boy but Poochpouri helps him smell better

between baths and haircuts (neither of which he is remotely impressed with)! He is

a sweet guy though, so Poochpouri makes him much more pleasant to snuggle with.

When using Poochpouri, remember, after a bath, dry your pet and spray just a few 3-5 pumps,

more for larger dogs, a couple inches from their coats, behind ears, backs of heads, base of

tails, tummies, etc. then gently rub it in to their fur. Chances are they'll like it. Then let them

finish drying naturally and your pet will smell nice and fresh for 2-3 days, then as the scent

fades they will still smell clean for a while. Between bathing, just give them a few sprays and

their bedding a few sprays every week or so for fresh smelling pets and surroundings! Keep

the sprays from your pets eyes and nose of course. They are not harmful in any way, but

it's just common sense and your pet will be more prone to accept the application of the

Poochpouri, making it an enjoyable experience for you both.